The idea behind it


"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

Curiosity has been the quiet force of progress throughout the history of science and technology. Deployed to face technological challenges and solve scientific problems, creativity and imagination are the engineers answer to his curiosity. But far too often the result of hard labor seems, though technologically outstanding, quite ordinary in other people's perspective.

The vision of Reely is to engineer a product going beyond the line of pure technology. We are clutching our curiosity to inspire the people.

Reely is an autonomous aerial vehicle.

Reely is a product of student research.

Reely is the fusion of technology and entertainment.

But all above Reely symbolizes the curiosity, imagination and entrepreneurship with which young people face a new challenge.

Our aim is to entertain and to inspire people by building a flying film reel, named Reely. By pointing out the constructiveness and ingenuity behind our creation we would like to pass on the fascination for technology and let flourish the people's dreams.


Our goal is to develop a flying entertainment robot based on quadrotor technology. The robot is designed as a flying film reel given the ability to show movies on small OLED displays arranged around the reel. Once a trajectory is defined, the robot should fly its way autonomously and afterwards find back to the docking station for recharching. You can find more details about reely and our progress in the yellow section.

The focus project

Reely is realized within the scope of the focus project. This is a project based lecture provided by the Autonomous Systems Lab during the 5th and 6th semester of the mechanical engineering course at ETH Zurich. The focus project provides an opportunity for us students to turn our theoretical knowledge into practice by designing, developing and constructing a real product.

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