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The flying film reel

Imagine a warm summer night spending the time with yours friends and a cold drink. Suddenly a film reel is appearing in the night sky flying in front of you showing some funny films. Wouldn't that be crazy? Reely is the realization of this dream.

To combine small aerial vehicle technology with an entertainment vision is the awesome challenge of this project. Reely &ndash the flying film reel is based on a quadrotor platform. This is kind of a helicopter with four rotors arranged in a plane. By varying the rotational speed of the individual rotors the quadrotor can move in all directions.

Reely has a lightweight structure made of carbon and glass fibers. It is equipped with powerful brushless outrunner e-motors and lithium-polymer accumulator technology. Pictures and films can be shown on six displays all around the reel. A specially developed trajectory planning software allows Reely to fly given routes automatically without the assistance of a pilot.

At the moment Reely is in the final production phase. The structure will be completed in the next days. Software development and implementation is on its way. The maiden flight of Reely is expected to take place within the next four to five weeks.

Technical Data (Reely)

Diameter 775 mm
Height 95 mm
Overall Weight 1550 g
Number of Rotors 4
Rotor Diameter 10" (254 mm)
Total Thrust 4650 g
Power per Propulsion Group 300 W
Number of Displays 6
Display Type 4.3" OLED Active Matrix
Hovering Flight Time approx. 10 min

DC alpha (Prototyp)

The production of DC alpha is a milestone in the Reely project. Designed to serve as a testing platform the prototype has no entertainment purposes.

DC alpha completed its maiden flight successfully on December 30th 2008. It has undergone a series of test since then. This includes flight performance under different conditions such as wind, heavy payload and unbalanced momentums.

Technical Data (DC alpha)

Diameter 670 mm
Height 135 mm
Overall Weight 650 g
Number of Rotors 4
Rotor Diameter 10" (254 mm)
Total Thrust 2700 g
Power per Propulsion Group 150 W
Hovering Flight Time 17 min